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made peace with the war I’m in
wage wars drove honest living
to extinction
it costs to be sick and tired
you’ll be fired

reminiscing on blood sacrifices
where’s the gods’ favor?
thou shall make tax offerings
to a greedy savior

blind obedience
is their secret ingredient

maybe kamikaze missions
will make them rethink
their policies and decisions

violence isn’t the answer,
but people never question

defiance is a weapon
honorable death is protection




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I had an epiphany,
that we’d be winning
the lost ones hereby claim this victory
all the world’s troubles keep missing me
finding myself is how light came to be

it’s not talking down,
if it comes from a higher place
speaking images when words are too rigid
halos hover over horns
a mummy at night,
during the day I’m reborn

feeling your story earns me experience
other realms feel your influence
the path less traveled is narrow,
be careful
I’m coming clean as a fiend
knowledge of self is funding
the blind study



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I worship the gods as their battery
Jesus and ancient pantheons feed off me
stimulants make me forget,
time lost and money spent
love cracks my armor
and promises you’ll be here tomorrow
money makes me a tool and a fool
I buy into a cause and never see effects
nature mocks me by creating then destroying
family spawns enemies
I hack my emotions with the wrong code,
shame, guilt, and fear are my devils
I devote to death and turn blue awaiting my last breath
I create, but my ideas take up too much space
and looking to the stars makes me curse my ancestors



Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

tell me of the people, the people of the earth

where genius is insanity

and titans are killed in the name of humanity

soul gold is sold short, know your worth

the people of earth supply the highest bidders for corrupt leaders

some will come between the sun and the moon for a silver spoon

a difference is seen between long ago and soon

free expression is interpreted as harmful confession

morals are big business and debates are emotional tennis

on earth, death is still a mystery like when fog and water meet