Real vampires feed off energy — blood spill is secondary

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Eyeshadow for her shadow. Missy channeled the nightcrawler on purpose, no inner battle. Crowding the mirror powering up, fully focused in a trance. Been a while since her egos did the fusion dance. Sunless sounds crept in the bedroom window where she blew out indo. Raindrops backdropped a manish playlist, gold bracelets clanked her wrists. Swigs of brown bloomed the mood. The pregame was threatened by a pep rally.

Missy was hype for the hunt, overdue for a big game. Killer instincts decayed lately, without feeding frenzy she ain’t been feeling the same. All work, no time for lames. But…

When all you have in common with a friend is a demon.

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Jayden was up just early enough to mute his shrilling alarm. Discipline and ambition snoozed soon after, life had lost its charm. A recluse these days, old friends wonder what happened. Jayden was once voted most-outgoing, now he was the youngest has-been. When his GPA had started to dip it had led to a seismic slip from being on a roll in AP classes. He waited until senior year to smoke away scholarships and a paid dorm. And he was in no shape to return to old form.

Socials was the extent of his socializing routine. Every subscription provided something…

Friendly fire is anything but.

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Hostility fuels me up residential inclines during jogs at nighttime. Stray thoughts of Quincy’s loved ones mourning their loss. They know he’s crazy and better off. Left my headphones home and yielded to elements and senses. The wind breathed life into shadows and trees and fallen leaves. I ran through red lights at headlights without hesitation. Every step deepening my premeditation.

We used to tag team milky bong rips, now you my target. I mistook a pessimistic’s neurosis for realness. I got kids now I’m too grown for friends. …

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Watching broads pitch the lame underhand way is exactly how I wanted to spend a free Saturday. I don’t care if softball is harder, sport’s science never made anyone sound smarter. Both pastimes were sleep aides. I’m just saying, I saw me and Larry’s one day off going different. He insisted we hit the game and afterwards get lit. It would be triggering being back at our local park’s location. We were just clocked in laying asphalt prior to this mini vacation.

Long as you know I ain’t pay for the event, Larry won raffle tickets so we couldn’t miss…

Bigger is better

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Lectar posted up in the 7-series with the engine running while his brain stalled. Designer shades screened the summer sun yet he still witnessed the city’s downfall. While he was away everyone had copped extra weight, calories were every Youtuber’s major haul.

The #LoseYourself challenge was a perpetual wildfire with more contestants than Survivor. The social benefits of muffin tops had more people convinced than hypnotists. The trend produced dividends for personalities in the top percent. Lectar had been living a boss. He had enough money to hide inside and avoid confrontation with this mess at all costs.

The parkland…

What if the monsters under the bed were really from your head?

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Hypnotic cartoons had the baby seeing like he was dreaming. Kano’s imagination became loaded with even more to explore. He was receptive to the reception, every program was prime. The rest of his senses censored, he wasn’t even worried about outside. The boy fell into every Teen Titans episode as a guest star with eyes as big as the characters in the show.

The front door slammed and broke Kano’s trance with a severing whiplash. The 14-month-old animated like Pinocchio making puppy-monkey-baby noises when he spoke—


Kano scooted off the bed diaper booty first. That elusive moment just before…

Ladies. This your favorite song.

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I finally met my match and we bout to light it up. She was verified on socials off her vocals. I had superstar highlights but this my biggest fish to date. I’m really about to retire a stay-at-home boo, can’t wait. No rush, I’m chillin. The brown had me extra in my feelings. Something about her was different, threw me off my pivot. The bar spot was top notch. Money infested, everyone in here had money invested. Tasty small plates, Trina wasn’t shy about stuffing her face. She knew the manager, clearly a fan of…

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Jimmy’s head cracked the toilet on his way down, he need a patient gown. Slipped on regurgitated brunch from drinking a bunch.

Rock bottom finally got em. Gave himself a self-serve swirly now his curly hair looking girlie. Some blood and vomit and he on top of it. At least he lay on marble floors and top shelf but success was worthless while failing an inner test. After love-tapping a semi on the freeway a week ago you’d think he’d sacrifice to slow his demons’ toll.

Jimmy 2.0 stood up under new management’s control. Damn near ready for another round…

A modern folktale about nature saving a widower from hell.

Life reduced to an empty swing in the wind. Don unfocused now, he once pictured things different. With a heart of gravel and tumbling gut, he was a total wreck. What a nightmare, inheriting their dream apartment to the neck. Halls echoed memories, a residual pain with poisonous effects. Time heals or reveals. Don wouldn’t get far not even had the sun been a shooting star. The accident had bled his summer back in May and now fall clouds obstructed solar rays. Curtains in the master turned the bedroom to…

If you got paid to look at your phone, what would it take to pull you away?

The doomsday ringer yanked me clean out a weed coma. Side effects include slow motion sleep paralysis and stoner aroma. My ass would’ve been aired out had it been a real air raid. Fuck it I can die today all my bills is paid. Heavy sun rays through the curtains, I slept half past brunch. I don’t like juice with my champagne unless it’s fruit for lunch. Phone buzzing undercovers had me fumbling. I’m groggy and my head still buzzing off bubbly. I…

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